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About PipeLine

How We Began

Pipeline is an extension of the Quest Group, an organization founded by William E. Low that began with the highly respected AudioQuest brand of audio/video cables and accessories, and has now grown to include WireLogic, CableTruth, WolfWire, FireFly, and CleanScreen.

The culmination of over 35 years of extensive observation and research into the design and development of analog and digital audio cables, PipeLine began with one simple mandate: bring superior performance and extraordinary value to a larger audience.

What We Believe

We believe in damage control.

The goal of any designer of audio/video components is to preserve the integrity of the original signal. No cable—no matter how good the design, materials, or fabrication—can make your system sound “better” than the original signal encoded in the software (CD, DVD, BD, MP3, etc.). The truth is that every cable, electronic component, and speaker will add (by varying degrees) some level of distortion or loss to the original signal.

PipeLine’s mission is to minimize the distortion and loss associated with traditional cable designs, while remaining faithful to the integrity of the original signal.

How We Design

We design all of our products using the highest-quality, lowest-distortion materials and techniques available. Specific attention is paid to:

Our own eyes and ears: While we live in an age of state-of-the-art measurement equipment, nothing has (yet) been invented that has the same degree of sensitivity and sophistication as the human eye, ear, and mind. We have the ability to see and hear in ways that have yet to be quantified. Put another way, the best measurement tools are still our own senses.

Every PipeLine design has to pass one essential test: Does this product enhance the listening and viewing experience in an honest and objective way?

Conductor quality: Not all metals (or optical fibers) are created equal. In fact, raw materials such as copper, silver, and optical fibers are available in a multitude of varying qualities and purities. Additionally, the techniques used when processing these materials will have a significant impact on the overall performance of the final product.

PipeLine chooses the best ingredients available and then seeks out the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art processing techniques to ensure that your experience is the best it can possibly be.

Insulation material: All electrical conductors are surrounded by insulation, also known as a dielectric. All insulation materials interact with the conductor, resulting in varying degrees of phase shift—a form of distortion that causes a lack of clarity and “smearing” of the original signal. It is therefore important to choose appropriate dielectrics that are low-loss and have as little impact on the signal as possible.

Geometry: The physical relationship between conductors, whether they are the same polarity or opposing polarities, has a direct impact on inductance, capacitance, and resistance—the most basic electrical characteristics of a cable. Optimizing geometry for a specific application is crucial to cable performance. By paying close attention to the cable’s geometry, PipeLine can achieve an optimal balance between the cable’s electrical parameters, thus ensuring the least detrimental interaction between conductors in any specific application.

By combining the careful application of our informed observations with high-quality materials and sophisticated design elements, PipeLine develops and delivers high-performance audio/video components that honor the source signal.

Where to Buy

With over 5000 authorized retail locations around the world, it's easy to find a local authorized dealer. If you are having trouble locating a dealer in your area please call us direct at 888-444-4020 or if you prefer to reach us by email,